Tony Puah, President

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I bring with me just under 30 years of business and IT experience, and the last 17 years in process related work. I bring with me experience gained from a range of industry (e.g. Government, Financial, Telecommunication, Travel, Utilities) from a wide range of business areas (e.g. sales and marketing, regulatory management, applications, financial, payments).

I am a Certified Business Process Professional (CBPP). My experience as a process professional has enabled me to help my clients improve their business operations. I have also help my client’s staff uplift their own capability to increase their contribution to the success of their organisation.

I believe that as businesses faces more challenges, whether it is more competition, lower margins or more regulation, the ability to quickly transform what they do to address these challenges is the key to continuing success. Businesses will need to have a better understanding of what they do to have the capability to be able to change what they do for success. From this perspective I believe process management is a key success factor for every business. It is with this in mind that I pulled together a number of liked minded people to start the ABPMP Melbourne Chapter to promote and help individuals uplift their process capability.

Other than helping clients better understand and manage their business processes, my other interest in life is travel and photography. I enjoy architecture, especially historical and modern buildings and bridges, and urban as well as natural landscapes.

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