Panel discussion: Process-driven business requirement

Can we create an alignment between process model, business analysis and software development?

25 BPM, IT  and management professionals attended a panel discussion hosted by ABPMP Melbourne to find the answer to this question. Blake Miles moderated the panel which brought together perspectives from Rod Brown, an industry practitioner, Tony Puah, a consultant and Mike Bengough, a BPM academic and teacher.

Here are some of the highlights from the discussion:

  • Mike reminded us that good business processes are designed to achieve strategic objectives.
  • Organisations don't have the budget and resources to improve every process. Accordingly, Rob emphasised the importance of measuring benefits at every business requirements level to justify investment (initial and ongoing).
  • According to Tony, when you derive business requirements from process models then requirements can be business capability, end-to-end process or activity - all have specific business outcomes and benefits.
  • But where does customer experience fit in? Should organisations adopt 'best practice' out-of-the-box processes? What is the best way to design optimal processes in an agile development environment?

Thank you to the panel and audience members for sharing their experiences and insights.